Pocket Filter – Nano (RPXN)

Pocket Filter – Nano (RPXN)

Our fully synthetic nano media has a special inner waved structure which increases the filter surface area. The filter surface is twice as large as on conventional pocket filters and can reduce the pressure drop by up to 30%.r optimal airflow.

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Fully synthetic nano media with a special inner wave structure. Can be used as pre-filtration element or main filter.

Filter Class

M6, F7 & F9 (EN779:2012)


Plastic: 25mm or Metal: 25 mm

Filter media

Available with F7 & F9 efficiency.Synthetic media with inner wave structure.Color: plain white with print.Double inner surface for lowest pressure drop and high dustholding capacity.


Parallel spacers in the entire bag ensure an even airflow and dust retention even in the furthest corners of the filter.Long lifespan, low ebergy costs.

Special Features

Reduces pressure drop by up to 30%.Larger internal surface area.higher dust holding capacity.30 to 60% longer service life.

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