Low Emissions Pleated Bags : How to Achieve a Low Cost on Compliance

Pleated Filter Bags

Meeting environmental regulations is no easy task. Industrial plants have to apply a fully-fledged approach to ensure compliance. They need long term solutions that eliminate costly system maintenance, or expensive reorders and their associated downtime.


Comprehensive Approach to Ensure Compliance

EFS helps to achieve this by applying a thorough optimization strategy that looks at every aspect of the air flow process. We start with a detailed system analysis of your current process and inspection of mechanical hardware to asses current conditions and identify potential leak sources. As Applications Specialists we then work with your engineering staff to understand production objectives and concerns. We then offer detailed solutions that leverage our new Low Emission Filtration Products and construction techniques.

Common Problems Solved using EFS Low Emission Pleated Bags

  • No stitch holes compared to conventional filter bags which could be leaking continually or intermittently during pulsing
  • Rust in the clean air plenum and ductwork
  • Leaking welds when common inlet /outlet manifold walls are present
  • Maximizing capture of very fine or free-flowing particulates
  • Capture of high value (£/kg) particulates for product collection systems


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