Needlefelt Filter Bags

Needlefelts are constructed for optimum abrasion resistance, they are made from selected synthetic fibres. The fibres are arranged in a homogeneous web prior to needling.

In dry filtration and dust collection the felt is designed to produce maximum toughness (energy to rupture) and flex resistance (minimum stiffness) to give prolonged operating life. Extended life also results from control of pore size and permeability, thus avoiding premature blinding.

Various finishing processes are designed to give the required dimensional stability, strength, permeability, porosity and surface finish.

EFS can provide all needlefelt filter bags for all the industrial markets in all types of medias. Our expertise in coated materials and knowledge of membrane surface filtration provides you with the solutions to keep equipment running efficiently.

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Filter bags, socks and sleeves
DCE Type
Envelope bags
Multipocket filter bags
Filter Bag Chart
When looking to obtain a quote these are some common types of construction of bags that can be supplied :-

Top Construction

Ring draw in rope
Felt Band
Snap band
Loop with hook
Wire Ring

Bottom Construction

Double Round Disk
Reinforce Single Round
Ring draw in rope
Reinforced Double disk
Single Round Disk

Bag Dimensions

Flat width
Holeplate tubesheet
End-to-end length